We are a not for profit group whose main objective is to raise funds through events and donations to expand the health care services available to our community at Cariboo Memorial Hospital.

The Cariboo Memorial Hospital Foundation, comprised of a small group of dedicated volunteers, has been successful in purchasing nearly four($4M) million dollars worth of much-needed equipment for the emergency department and the surgical theatre at the hospital in Williams Lake. Additionally, the Foundation has been responsible for the purchase of two CT Scanners, the echocardiogram, a haematology analyzer, two mammography units, and most recently, two of the Panda units for the maternity ward.

Funds raised have allowed the purchase of:
  • portable baby monitors for newborns
  • portable ultrasound machines specific to babies
  • four (4) Panda units to monitor babies at the time of delivery
  • two labour and delivery beds for the maternity ward
  • security monitoring station for the maternity ward 
We are always looking for new volunteers to help in our cause. Please message us, if you would like to volunteer.